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The Happy Mother's Day Candle

The Happy Mother's Day Candle

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Experience the perfect fusion of custom design and heartfelt gifting, igniting your creativity like never before. Join us in crafting personalized candles that not only illuminate spaces but also illuminate hearts, making every gift an expression of love and thoughtfulness, carefully curated for your special someone.

8oz net weight candle

We use 100% natural soy wax (plant based & vegan friendly). 

The fragrance oils we use are 100% free from carcinogens, toxins, phthalates and other hazardous chemicals.

*The designs on the candle are a heat resistant permanent sticker


Cozy Home - smells like cinnamon & vanilla

Seaside Blossom - smells like sea salt and flowers

Midnight Sea - smells like sandalwood & dark musk

Tropical Escape - smells like mango & coconut

Coffeehouse - smells like sweet coffee

Banana Bread - smells like fresh banana bread

Lemon Cake - smells like lemon & vanilla

Toasted Marshmallow - smells like marshmallows & smoke

Nature Walk - smells like cedar & musk

Candy Crystals - smells like black currant & sugar

Tuscan Plum - smells like plum, amber & freesia

Mountainside Cabin - smells like crisp mountain air & trees

Lilac Fields - smells like lilac & honeysuckle

Nag Champa - Smells like powder, incense, patchouli

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